Friday, November 27, 2009

Titania Ladley Interviews Fellow Author, Paisley Smith

Check out author, Titania Ladley's November newsletter for cool info and covers of Titania's books, upcoming releases and a candid interview with author, Paisley Smith. Click HERE.

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Birthday Girl by Paisley Smith Reviewed by Loving Venus - Loving Mars

"I feel that if you’re looking for a hawt quickie that’s a lot about the sex, but even more so about hot sex with characters connecting emotionally, then Birthday Girl is a juicy, yummy read." ~ Loving Venus - Loving Mars.

To read the entire review,  click HERE.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Win a Free Download of Birthday Girl by Paisley Smith

I'm being interviewed on Lia Slater's blog today. Help me come up with a tagline and the winning entry will get a free download of my EC Exotica, Birthday Girl.

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For more information about Paisley or her books, check out Paisley Smith

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lesbian Romance Heroines by Paisley Smith

Erotic romance featuring two women is as varied as straight romance. There are romances featuring lesbians who are confident in their sexuality, stories with women who are still wrestling with whether they are gay or not, mysteries, paranormals, BDSM, contemporaries, historicals, and more.

In my menage story, Birthday Girl, the heroine struggles with her attraction to another woman and how she can implement that relationship into her marriage to her husband. In my free read, First Taste, the heroine is reawakened to a lesbian relationship after divorcing her husband. And in my upcoming release, Beyond Curious, the heroine, who has always perceived herself as straight, finds love with another woman. Because I've shared these experiences with my heroines, in all my stories, I've included a certain amount of angst over coming out and being gay.

As readers of lesbian and bi romance, what issues do you like to see? Angst filled, sexual awakenings, society concerns, or traditional type stories where the characters happen to be two women?

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Coming Soon from Ellora's Cave - Beyond Curious by Paisley Smith

Annie Prescott is only taking piano lessons because it was her grandmother’s dying wish but when she meets Emily, her sexy piano teacher, both their lives take an unexpected turn.

Emily knows her lesbian student should be off limits but she cannot deny her overwhelming attraction to Annie’s androgynous beauty and soon, Emily finds herself surrendering to a long suppressed lust that just might lead her to the love of a lifetime.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Check out Lyla Sinclair's Blog

If you want more F/F and F/F/M menage romance, click HERE to go to Ellora's Cave author, Lyla Sinclair's blog and leave a comment!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now Available - First Taste by Paisley Smith

First Taste by Paisley Smith is now available at Ellora's Cave! Click HERE to download FREE!

It's Natalie's ten-year high school reunion and she's reluctantly joined the planning committee. Things start to look up, though, when she finds out that Haley Moore is on the committee - and she's even more gorgeous than Natalie remembered.

Ten years before, Natalie and Haley experimented together, but when high school ended, they went their separate ways. Their unexpected reunion finds them ready to make up for lost time, both in bed and out.


“How’s your husband?” Haley asked as though she’d been picking up my thoughts psychically.

My lips parted. “I…we got divorced.” There was no easier way to break the news.

Her smile faded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

I shrugged. “We just grew apart. I really don’t know what happened.” She hadn’t asked but I felt compelled to attempt an explanation anyway.

Her gaze found mine again and the look in her dark eyes made me wonder if she was thinking the same thing I was—reliving one of our steamy sleepovers from years gone by.

“What about you?” I asked, changing the subject.

Her smile returned and I was mesmerized by full red lips and perfect white teeth. I inhaled and crossed my legs but the motion only aggravated the ever-increasing throbbing between my thighs.

“I never married,” she said.

My eyes widened. “No?”

She giggled softly and leaned toward me until those cranberry lips grazed my ear. “Natalie, I’m gay. I thought you knew that.”

My pulse accelerated so fast and so hard I just knew she could hear my heart pounding in my throat.

Still smiling, Haley straightened. Her cheeks pinkened and her eyes sparkled. I gaped as if someone had just told me I’d won the lottery. I tried to swallow but couldn’t. All I could manage to utter was, “Really?”

Her eyebrows knitted together in mock reproach. “Silly Natalie. I thought you were too.”

My mind fled back over the years with my husband. We’d been friends. We’d enjoyed each other’s company but I’d never been really sexually attracted to him. I thought about the times I’d played with my vibrator. I’d always fantasized about being with women. Shit. Even though I’d never had sex with a woman, I’d known I was bisexual. That was never a question in my mind but could I possibly lean more toward being a lesbian than I’d known?

My intense physical reaction to Haley urged me to explore the possibility.

Uncharacteristic courage flooded me and I gazed hard into Haley’s eyes. “Well, now that I’m free, maybe you could help me figure that out.”

Holding my stare, she twisted on her barstool and brushed my calf with the toe of her shoe. “I’d like that.”

For more information about Paisley and her other Ellora's Cave bisexual and lesbian romances, click HERE.

Birthday Girl by Paisley Smith