Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lesbian Romance Heroines by Paisley Smith

Erotic romance featuring two women is as varied as straight romance. There are romances featuring lesbians who are confident in their sexuality, stories with women who are still wrestling with whether they are gay or not, mysteries, paranormals, BDSM, contemporaries, historicals, and more.

In my menage story, Birthday Girl, the heroine struggles with her attraction to another woman and how she can implement that relationship into her marriage to her husband. In my free read, First Taste, the heroine is reawakened to a lesbian relationship after divorcing her husband. And in my upcoming release, Beyond Curious, the heroine, who has always perceived herself as straight, finds love with another woman. Because I've shared these experiences with my heroines, in all my stories, I've included a certain amount of angst over coming out and being gay.

As readers of lesbian and bi romance, what issues do you like to see? Angst filled, sexual awakenings, society concerns, or traditional type stories where the characters happen to be two women?

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BrennaLyons said...

For me, it's not so much a choice of preferring any one type of heroine over another. I'm varied in my tastes. The point is to write intelligent (that's my real line) heroines with a solid base. People vary, and so should characters I read/meet. As long as the heroine is true to self and believable...and NOT TSTL (too stupid to live and/or shallow), I'm pretty impressed with the characterization.


Paisley Smith said...

Thanks Brenna! Those TSTL heroines - LOL!!!!

She said...

Any time I read I want to like the characters. I want to be able to feel what they are feeling and understand why those feelings are there. The type of story does not matter to me in the hands of a good writer. When I cannot connect to a character in a book then the book leaves me cold and I feel why did I waste my time. I've only started reading lesbian romances so I'm still trying to find out what I like.