Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dark Angel by Paisley Smith Accepted for Girls Who Bite Anthology

I'm excited to announce that my short story, Dark Angel, was accepted in the Girls Who Bite anthology due to be released fall 2011 by Cleis Press!

Here's a snippet:

The mouth opened and Evangelina tried to yield, to avail herself to the captivating kiss. So soft. So sensual. Intuitively, Evangelina knew she’d seen this woman before but she struggled to remember where. When. She fought to open her eyes, to look upon the silky limbs moving over and around her, to touch the spicy-sweet locks of hair tickling her neck and shoulders.

What was happening? She was dying and yet the foremost thought in her mind was to surrender to this mesmerizing creature.

The warm tip of a tongue flicked along the vein followed by a soft, guttural moan. “You will feel no more pain. Only pleasure. From this moment forward, you will know only the joys of the flesh, of conceding to and fulfilling your deepest desires.”


“I will become your mother, your sister, your lover—your maker,” the hypnotic voice promised. “You will be mine.”

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