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A Taste of Lesbian Vampire Erotica with guest blogger, Adele Dubois


281399_2326712491744_1367625546_32808729_5574987_n When the opportunity to write a steamy short story for the GIRLS WHO BITE anthology came about, I wondered if I could handle the demands of a vampire tale. Vampires are dangerous, scary creatures, and I didn’t know if I could reach that dark place in my imagination. Add lesbian heroines to the story mix and my footing turned less sure. Though I’d included bi-sexual characters in my books for years, I knew less about the lesbian lifestyle than I did vampire lore.


Yet, the challenge intrigued me. Like an author enthralled by a vampire queen, I answered the call. I wanted to be part of something groundbreaking with other authors I admired. Girl on girl love is the last frontier of the mainstream erotic romance sub-genre. Man love stories, often written by straight women, have long been a staple of the erotic romance market. Conversely, their counterparts have been noticeably absent. The artist in me couldn’t resist writing something unique for both a straight and gay female readership.

Happily, I was able to create a story true to my voice. “The Crystal Altar” was named one of four story favorites by Love Romance Passion reviewer Susan Scholes. Reviewer Amos Lassen called the fifteen-story anthology, “literary erotica.” I couldn’t be more thrilled.


by Adele Dubois

An original 4,500 word steamy short first published in the GIRLS WHO BITE lesbian vampire erotica print anthology from Cleis Press, September 2011.

Edited by Delilah Devlin.

©Adele Dubois 2011

“Literary erotica.” ~Amos Lassen

“Five stars!” ~Love Romance Passion

An ancient crystalline cavern becomes the setting for a most unusual birthday party…


Morgan wrapped her arms around Rosa’s waist and deepened the kiss. She touched her tongue to Rosa’s, and then slid it inside her lover’s mouth.

Rosa sucked in greedy little pulls. Then she licked and nipped Morgan’s bottom lip before pressing her mouth again to hers.

It was the ultimate turn-on to be wanted.

She lowered her mouth to the pulse beating against Rosa’s neck and sucked the spot with deep, hard tugs. Her teeth grazed the delicate skin and nipped until bruises formed. She swirled her tongue over the dappled plum marks and savored the taste of Rosa’s sweet flesh as blood pooled just below the surface.

Rosa leaned away and touched her neck. Tiny lines formed between her eyebrows as her eyes flashed with uncertainty. “Why did you do that?”

Morgan cradled Rosa’s breasts and lifted them higher, watching her hands squeeze and release. “I was marking you. I want to make sure the freaks at the party know you’re taken.”

Rosa laughed. “You’re jealous? I worried you’d gone Goth on me, like your whacko cousin. She probably drinks blood for sport.”

Morgan rolled her eyes. “Wouldn’t surprise me. She likes to pretend she’s a vampire. She and her entourage go to dungeon clubs in the city.” Morgan inspected the love bite on Rosa’s neck. “That looks kind of cool, though. I like it.”


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