Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Licks_c_400x600From National Bestselling Author, Delilah Devlin, and Amazon Bestseller Paisley Smith, comes Licks, a collection of eight scrumptious lesbian tales, ranging from succulent and sensual to tempting and taboo.
Climb aboard a Harley with a butch beauty in Riding Bitch. Satisfy your craving for unrepentant girl-on-girl sex in The Out-of-Towner. Travel back in time to 18th century Paris in Bordello. A sexy femme submits in The Hired Hand. Celebrate a first lesbian encounter in My Best Friend’s Birthday and take a wild ride with your favorite toy in The Only Game in Town.
These irresistible stories and more invite the reader to savor that delectable flavor of the ultimate in lesbian erotica.
Read an excerpt from Riding Bitch by Paisley Smith~
She returned and traded helmets with me. I watched her don hers, my mouth going dry at the sight of her in her easy fitting jeans and that thin, thin tank. Obviously, she wore nothing underneath her skimpy top. Her breasts were small, no bigger than mine had been when I’d first worn a training bra. I wondered about the sensation of kissing them, cupping them as she fingered me. Wetness dampened my panties.
“Think you can get that on over those pigtails?” she asked and gave one a lighthearted tug.
I slipped the helmet on my head, feeling as if I looked ridiculous in it. I don’t know why I thought that. Lindsey looked pretty fucking hot in hers.
After I fumbled unsuccessfully with the chin strap, she closed the distance between us and fastened it for me. Heat radiated off her lean, muscular body. Being this close made my insides quiver, and just knowing a woman’s body lurked beneath that boyish exterior did crazy things to me. I found myself staring at her lips, wishing she’d make the first move and kiss me.

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