Saturday, September 1, 2012

News and New Releases!

I received two acceptances in one weekend!

I contracted my lesbian, kinky historical, Purr, with Ellora’s Cave, and another historical set in the gritty 1950s South, Every Waking Hour, with Loose Id.

I also have a couple of short stories that have recently released ~

Cymone’s Dominatrix

On the eve of the games, gladiatrix, Cymone, prepares herself by submitting to her equally deadly lover, Appolonia.
Appolonia knows exactly what it takes to force the gladiatrix prima to her knees—and keep her there. The lethal warrior-woman has stolen Appolonia’s heart. But when you are fated to die on the sands, love comes with a high price.


Appolonia finished her wine and looked across the table to where another Hellene, Cymone, sat staring into her cup.

Cymone. Gladiatrix prima. She dominated on the sands, knowing just how long to drag out a fight so that the crowd cheered her to victory again and again, knowing how to make a spectacle of dealing the death blow to anyone unlucky enough to have to face her. She was a true champion, an entertainer who’d risen far above her status as a slave to become one of the most celebrated gladiatrices of her time. A scar marred her olive-skinned cheek, but to Appolonia, the imperfection only made Cymone that much more intriguing, that much more beautiful.

For all her prowess in the arena, however, Cymone delighted in darker pleasures of the flesh and Appolonia was pleased the gladiatrix had chosen her as her lover. Most nights, they lay in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing, bringing each other release before succumbing to the god, Hypnos’ spell. But on the evening before an appearance on the sands, Cymone allowed Appolonia a far firmer hand.

Appolonia squeezed her thighs together in anticipation. Any moment, Cymone would rise, giving the signal for her to follow.

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*Cymone’s Dominatrix is also featured in the Girls Who Score anthology


“Even the ravens of the Tower sat silent and immovable on the battlements and gazed eerily at the strange scene. A Queen about to die!” George John Younghusband


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Fortune’s erotic dreams featuring a black-haired beauty who beckons her from another time and place have lured her to the Tower of London. As the images intensify, she discovers a world of witchcraft and magic, of dark lust and death that threatens to drag her back every time she closes her eyes. But facing her past—and the Tower raven stalking her—just might change Fortune’s future.


Touch me,” my lover pleaded, her voice but a broken whisper as she took my hand to guide it under her nightrail to the soft thatch of curls between her thighs.
I did not need coaxing. Love surged as I sought her delicate folds in the darkness. Her breathing hitched and her thighs parted for my touch. Already slick with her juices, my fingers slid easily over the swollen pearl and then into the wet-velvet of her sheath. Her hands drew me closer under the covers and I realized I could not get close enough to her. The need to fuse with her body, nay, her soul, rose hard within me.
Light from the fire flickered, casting her face in a glimmer of shadows, but I did not miss her impassioned expression. Sweet lavender emanated from her luxurious, inky locks. With her lips parted and her wealth of black lashes resting against her cheeks, I found her incredibly beautiful. Bewitchingly so.
I ached to kiss her, and I craned my neck until my lips brushed hers. Her eyes flew open, and we stared at each other for several steep seconds until she lifted her chin, fusing her mouth with mine.
Wild desire raged inside me. Still kissing her, I compelled her onto her back and I moved over her, parting her knees with mine, opening her treasures to my touch. My tongue slipped between her lips, and she accepted it, grasping my head in her hands, spearing her fingers into my hair to hold me captive.
She did not have to hold me. My heart was already her willing prisoner. As much as I wanted to please her, I wanted to protect her, to secret her away from this place and hide her from the world. From court. From him.

*The Night Crow is also featured in the She Shifters anthology

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